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POPs 2022: Focus Issue of Organic Materials

In collaboration with the conference chairs, Organic Materials is organizing a Focus Issue on porous organic polymers (POPs), crystalline organic frameworks (COFs), polymers of intrinsic microporosities (PIMs) porous organic cages (POCs) and crystalline molecular assemblies such as e.g. HOFs, and their use in gas sorption, separation, catalysis, energy storage, water splitting, organic electronics, and other applications.

Organic Materials is an international, open access, and peer-reviewed journal aiming to cover the latest discoveries in the field of organic materials and offers a platform where the next generation of researchers can grow, guided by the experts in this field. The scope of the journal is broad as is the nature of its topic. Main topic of interest are the synthesis, characterization and applications of molecular and polymeric materials will be covered. Organic Materials offers the opportunity to publish both experimental and theoretical studies as well as primary scientific data.


Read more about Organic Materials on the official website.

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